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A boxing tragic's look at the world of boxing. No hidden agendas, no cash for comment, just my opinion, for what it's worth, of the greatest sport there is. Oh yeah, and i can't fight for shit!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As I wipe the egg off my face...

Okay so I was wrong. What’s new? It does say on the masthead that this is a fan’s eye view – and being a fan means you aren’t always objective. I truly did think that Green had what it took to finish Mundine off but power ain’t everything (and in this fight it weren’t nothing) It was Green who couldn’t adapt or change his fightplan while Mundine had obviously done his homework and fought a beautiful and intelligent fight – fast fists and feet, keeping out of range, he was just too good. It was depressing to watch after about the fifth round – I already knew then that Green wasn’t going to win. So I take my hat off to Mundine he has improved significantly, let’s see if he can keep up the standard. As a person I still don’t like his loudmouth persona nor his bullshit racism charges (face it Anthony some people don’t like you just cos you are you – it has got nothing to do with colour) but as a boxer I have to rate him very highly. He’s on the brink of maybe achieving that world title again (and this time it will be a proper one).One other interesting point – when the fight finally came on (after the longest undercard in recent history) I was actually excited – I mean by that, I had butterflies, adrenaline all that stuff – I haven’t felt like that for a long time – it was nice to get that buzz again. I mean we’ve seen some okay fights recently but really how many times do we have to see Oscar or Hopkins or Tarver ad nauseum – what about the up and comers – what about Manny or Barrera (here in oz they are always delayed telecasts – rarely live) but we always get Hopkins and the lame ducks over and over. Hell, we still haven’t had Calzaghe V Lacy. That said though I am looking forward to Wright V Taylor even though I think Wright will be far too ring savvy for the young kid. It was nice to get the buzz again though and it has inspired a few of us to venture out in search of some local boxing. Sadly Adelaide doesn’t have much of a scene. However there’s a couple of (amateur) nights happening this month – so watch for my reports.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Countdown to Man V Machine

Well, we’re one day away from what is being called the greatest fight in Australia’s boxing history – Man V Machine – Mundine V Green. Never thought we’d see it happen but unless something fucking drastic happens in the next 24 hours we will finally watch the best two supermiddleweights in this country beat each other up. My tip? Green in six. Mundine is fast, skilled and a superb boxer but other than when he boxed Echols and fought smart he hasn’t shown us that he can think in the ring, on the job. Against Manny Siaca you could see that Mundine just couldn’t get his head around the fact that his game plan wasn’t working and he couldn’t adapt, he couldn’t change. Green ain’t anywhere near as skilful as Mundine but he has the power, the will and I think the experience to do what has to be done. Sure if Anthony can stay out of the way for 12 rounds he can win on points but all indicators are that he seriously thinks he can mix it with Danny and win! That won’t happen. If he tries to trade punches with Green he’s going to get beaten badly. Of course I could be totally wrong, I have been before but I think the caliber of recent opposition will tell, I think Mundine’s ego will make him step in to show he can take it (he can’t)and I think Green’s sheer determination (and the lessons he’s learned from his loss to Beyer) will make the difference. If you have any doubts just watch Green V Lucas – if he can get that form back the black superman will be in trouble.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Another meaningless fight

Hey DeLaHoya beat Mayorga… who woulda picked that?
(Disclaimer: on a website I voted for mayorga… it was wishful thinking)
I don’t think anyone seriously thought Mayorga could upset Delawhorea did they? He maybe had a slugger’s chance but that’s all. I mean, that’s why Trinidad used him for his comeback… cos Ricardo is there to be hit if you’re fast enough as Trinny and Whorea are. I have to admit I had hoped that Mayorga might have got one of this big blows in and upset the applecart but right from the first it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen. Whorea was too fast for Mayorga and although a few of his body shots were getting through he wasn’t doing any real damage. Mind you , that uppercut in the third was purty impressive, he just couldn’t follow up. Oscar was just too quick, too clever and Ricardo’s habit of standing there to soak it up just played into his hands. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who paid for the broadcast. Question now is who does DeLaHoya take on next and do we care?! All the talk is Mayweather… hell, Mayweather will whip oscar’s ass… and no I don’t think Mayweather is that good…but he is younger, faster and fitter. If Oscar is smart he’ll remember what happened to Trinidad. It’s one thing to beat Mayorga it’s another to beat someone who can box!