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Monday, May 15, 2006

Countdown to Man V Machine

Well, we’re one day away from what is being called the greatest fight in Australia’s boxing history – Man V Machine – Mundine V Green. Never thought we’d see it happen but unless something fucking drastic happens in the next 24 hours we will finally watch the best two supermiddleweights in this country beat each other up. My tip? Green in six. Mundine is fast, skilled and a superb boxer but other than when he boxed Echols and fought smart he hasn’t shown us that he can think in the ring, on the job. Against Manny Siaca you could see that Mundine just couldn’t get his head around the fact that his game plan wasn’t working and he couldn’t adapt, he couldn’t change. Green ain’t anywhere near as skilful as Mundine but he has the power, the will and I think the experience to do what has to be done. Sure if Anthony can stay out of the way for 12 rounds he can win on points but all indicators are that he seriously thinks he can mix it with Danny and win! That won’t happen. If he tries to trade punches with Green he’s going to get beaten badly. Of course I could be totally wrong, I have been before but I think the caliber of recent opposition will tell, I think Mundine’s ego will make him step in to show he can take it (he can’t)and I think Green’s sheer determination (and the lessons he’s learned from his loss to Beyer) will make the difference. If you have any doubts just watch Green V Lucas – if he can get that form back the black superman will be in trouble.


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