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Friday, September 30, 2005

Barrera beats on the brat

So where was Robbie Peden? I guess we all knew realistically that his step up to face Barrera was going to result in a loss but I for one expected a little bit more fight from Robbie. He just didn’t get going at all, content to wait for something to happen but never forcing it to happen. And we can’t blame his corner, they could see what needed to be done and they were telling him. Maybe Robbie was overawed by the occasion, maybe it was just one of those nights where your body and brain aren’t on speaking terms, I don’t know. Kudos to Peden for wanting to take on the best rather than just coasting and keeping his title but I hope we see the warrior rather than the wimp next time he steps in the ring.
Shane Mosley looked pretty impressive in his fight though against previously unbeaten Jose Luis Cruz. Another fighter who could have taken an easy bout but wants to (re) prove himself, Mosley was just too fast, too slick for the tough Mexican.
While there is all this talk about Zab Judah and Mayweather or Kostya or Hatton facing off, Mosley seems to have been forgotten. I wouldn’t underestimate him at 147. He could be the one to take the shine off the current pound for pounder.
The first title fight of the night didn’t finish well with new IBF lightweight champ Levander Johnson losing his title to Jesus Chavez in a fight he was never really in. Chavez outbustled him and outfought him. Unfortunately Johnson then collapsed in his dressing room and is in an induced coma. A very tough night at the office and it makes our day to day whinging about carparks or the bosses foibles or the price of a sandwich look as pathetic as they really are. Let’s hope he comes through this okay.