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Monday, March 17, 2008

Michael Katsidis talks the talk.

While other fighters talk about facing the best Toowoomba boy and WBO Lightweight world champion Michael Katsidis is doing it. With a record of 23 wins, 20 kos and no losses, he was all set to take on WBO’s ‘other’ champ Juan Diaz when Don King scuttled the fight. Instead Michael, backed by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, now finds himself facing Lightweight legend and Olympic Gold Medallist Joel Casamayor for the prestigious Ring Championship belt.

Let’s start with a two part question. (1) Is this fight for any of the belts? Since I know there were threats of Casamayor’s WBC belt being taken away and your WBO interim belt maybe being upgraded.

The WBO and The Ring Magazine Belt

And (2) do you think all the sanctioning and different bodies helps or hinders the sport sometimes. Do you sometimes just want to fight the best and say bugger the titles and belts.

I don't believe I am one to say what is or isn't best for the sport. I think it is my position to demonstrate what is best for the sport and that is to fight the best and be the best. This can only be measured in time and by my performance. Come 22nd of March I would have prepared a lot of my life just for this one day in the office to prove my self. The A, B, C's in belts and titles will soon be unified, there will be one champion. Until then every fight is the fight of my life regardless of what its for. I cannot treat any battle any different to another.

A lot of fighters talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. By taking on Casamayor you’ve really stepped up. I mean he has fought some of the best. I know this sounds daft but are you ready for him? And vice versa I guess, do you think he realizes what he’s got himself in to?

We are not measured in this life by what we say but by what we do. I can only promise to give my very best and do myself my family and heritage proud. I can't remember when an Australian has ever beaten a Gold medalist at the Olympic games. Casamayor is one of Cuba's finest and an all time great. What he says doesn't mean anything. He has done enough in his career to prove where he stands in the sport. He now holds what is regarded as the supremacy of al belts. The Ring Belt.

Diaz has once again avoided you, this time it appears to be Don King who’s crashed the party. Will you get a chance to take him on? Is that fight still on your agenda?

Whilst all the papers and press were rolling with the highs and lows of the Don King saga Christmas time drew near. Brendon Smith and myself sacrificed our time to be with our families to do the work that needed to be done. There can only be so many moves a fighters management can make and although it appears Don King has more moves then a rattle snake, time will soon answer your questions. Either way my job is to fight and not involve in the political side of the sport.

Having Golden Boy on your side, obviously will raise your profile in America but do you think that it adds pressure? Everyone expecting you (and Billy Dib too) to perform, to win and win well because De La Hoya and co are backing you.

I carry no exra weight on shoulders aside from the weight I put on my self (; The rest doesn't matter.

And what is it like to have the likes of Oscar and Bernard around? Are they friendly or is it all business? Do you even see them?

I don't see Bernard that often though occasionally at the fights. I had a great time in Puerto Rico with Oscar at the WBO convention. Knowing Oscar on a personal level from fighter to fighter is a great boost. Each time we do business the whole Golden Boy team treat Brendon and I like family. I would love to bring the whole Golden Boy team to Australia some day for a Super-Fight. I believe the Australian public would take very kindly to the likes of Oscar De La Hoya making a visit

Lets talk about the fight itself. Where do you see you winning this bout? What have you got that others have lacked when facing Casamayor? Obviously power has to be a factor but do you worry about his experience, the fact that he’s faced stronger opponents perhaps than you have?

I like to keep all cards close to my chest on these issues. You'll be able to find out for yourself in your own home come Easter Sunday 23rd march. (Main Event) All I can tell you is that I'll be very weary of the Rabbit punch.

You’ve put in a couple of real fight of the year type bouts – do you see this being one of those battles or will Joel try and outbox you rather than brawl?

The plot has certainly thickened. It is renown I'm never in a dull fight. I bring out the bet in every opponent as like me they are fighting for their lives. Each fight is the fight of my life. My fight records suggests this.

I read that you got Sportsperson of the Year in your home town Toowoomba. That must have been a buzz, knowing that they’ve recognised you and your sporting achievements.

I never forget where I come from and what made me who I am today. I have my family and Australia, Toowoomba to thank for that. It's been a great honour coming from where I'm from and making a statement to the world. I've shown anyone can become a warrior if it's alive inside of them. I'm a very proud person and getting that award has meant more then just any title. Since I was a little kid I've wanted to win that award.

The Katsidis Vs Casamayor fight is being screened on Main Event on Sunday 23rd March - check guides for details. Billy Dib is on the undercard.

An edited interview is in this week's People magazine. buy it and keep me in a job!


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