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Monday, December 05, 2005

Has Hopkins Had It?

Okay, so the executioner has lost his axe. Once again, Taylor was just a little too quick early, obviously undaunted in the face of a legend and this time managed to hang in there for the later rounds – you couldn’t really dispute the result could you? Yes, it was a close fight but Taylor did enough to hang on to his title. Where now for Hopkins? Does he try again or does he get out? My bet is that maybe Jones and Hopkins will face each other – that way at least one of them can retire on a victory!
A quick mention of the commentary too – what has happened to the colonel? Sure he’s always been a tad pompous, a tad know-it-all, friends to everyone etc etc but he wasn’t watching the same fight that I was on the weekend. Hell, he practically had Taylor boxing a shut out! Huh? Maybe that heartattack cut off too much oxygen to the brain.

Heavy Wait?

Pity about Klitschko. With his retirement and Don King regaining total control of the heavyweights, the "glamour" division is gonna go even further downhill. There just ain’t anyone there who can stand up and take them all on. For mine, I think Lamon Brewster just might be able to cause a few upsets – but that depends on which version of him steps in the ring. And maybe David Tua has come back at the right time. As long as he still has that big punch and he can get some ring fitness, he may be able to parlay himself into a good position. Certainly you would think that he’s a better boxer (if not a slugger) than the likes of Samuel Peter who looked very ordinary in his bout against the other Klitschko. How do you get to be 24-0 without any idea of defence at all?! How many mugs are out there waiting to get hit? And then there’s the great white hopes like Brian Minto. He certainly looked the goods in the last bout I saw of his – if he can get into the rankings maybe he can get himself a shot. Unfortunately we all know who will get first dibs – an overblown cruiserweight with a drug record. And just as sadly, he probably is the most exciting thing to happen to the heavyweights right now. Maybe Big Bob Mirovic should be looking outside these shores – he might just be in luck.