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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As I wipe the egg off my face...

Okay so I was wrong. What’s new? It does say on the masthead that this is a fan’s eye view – and being a fan means you aren’t always objective. I truly did think that Green had what it took to finish Mundine off but power ain’t everything (and in this fight it weren’t nothing) It was Green who couldn’t adapt or change his fightplan while Mundine had obviously done his homework and fought a beautiful and intelligent fight – fast fists and feet, keeping out of range, he was just too good. It was depressing to watch after about the fifth round – I already knew then that Green wasn’t going to win. So I take my hat off to Mundine he has improved significantly, let’s see if he can keep up the standard. As a person I still don’t like his loudmouth persona nor his bullshit racism charges (face it Anthony some people don’t like you just cos you are you – it has got nothing to do with colour) but as a boxer I have to rate him very highly. He’s on the brink of maybe achieving that world title again (and this time it will be a proper one).One other interesting point – when the fight finally came on (after the longest undercard in recent history) I was actually excited – I mean by that, I had butterflies, adrenaline all that stuff – I haven’t felt like that for a long time – it was nice to get that buzz again. I mean we’ve seen some okay fights recently but really how many times do we have to see Oscar or Hopkins or Tarver ad nauseum – what about the up and comers – what about Manny or Barrera (here in oz they are always delayed telecasts – rarely live) but we always get Hopkins and the lame ducks over and over. Hell, we still haven’t had Calzaghe V Lacy. That said though I am looking forward to Wright V Taylor even though I think Wright will be far too ring savvy for the young kid. It was nice to get the buzz again though and it has inspired a few of us to venture out in search of some local boxing. Sadly Adelaide doesn’t have much of a scene. However there’s a couple of (amateur) nights happening this month – so watch for my reports.


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