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Thursday, January 31, 2008

This weekend's fights

Ok so here’s where I pretend I know somethin’ about this sport. Two Aussies (actually both transplanted but let’s not go there) fighting this weekend. Gairy St. Clair is taking on Amir Khan over in old blighty. Gairy is stepping up in weight and is a last minute replacement but I wonder if Khan’s handlers have maybe made a mistake? Granted, St. Clair has lost a couple recently but he’s far more experienced than anyone Khan has faced yet and he doesn’t fall down. It wouldn’t surprise me if Gairy can pull off an upset here but being Khan’s home turf it’ll probably go to the ref and Amir will keep his record intact.

Vic Darchinyan meanwhile is in the Philipines facing Z Gorres in an elimination bout to get a shot at the super fly title. This one is hard to pick. Vic has said he ain’t gonna wait for the judges decision so expect him to go in hard and try and knock Gorres out (but then that’s always Vic’s gameplan anyway) Having found out that he’s not invincible is probably not a bad thing for Vic because he might actually remember to bring some defensive skills to this fight. I think he might need them but in a tight contest I think Vic’s power could be the difference. There, that sounds impressive doesn’t it?

Oh and by the way, I’m “officially” People magazine’s boxing expert now! I prefer boxing tragic but expert sounds much more impressive on the CV don’t it?


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