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Thursday, January 17, 2008

BEST OF 2007

Hit Them Again Best Of 2007

Yeah, I know it’s nearly the end of January already but some of us have to deal with the real world too (or at least school holidays and all it encompasses) so here is my list, for what it’s worth of the best of 2007.

Fight of the Year – Joe Calzaghe Vs Mikkel Kessler.

Without a doubt this was the clear winner, two undefeated fighters, both at the top of their game and it was a fight where either man could have won, though Calzaghe edged away in the latter stages of the fight, it was never a safe fight for him because Kessler never gave up. I really thought Kessler had his measure early but Calzaghe hasn’t got this far without learning a few things. A great bout and it gave me that very rare buzz of anticipation as they stood in the ring waiting to get it on.

Runner Up – Sakio Bika Vs Jaidon Codrington.

Many purists don’t like the Contender concept but I say anything that puts boxing into the general publics’ mind and eye is a good thing. And this bout was a great advertisement for the sport. Both men forgot all about defense and went bang! Codrington down and then Bika down and then it just went punch for punch until finally young Jaidon could take no more. Not pretty by any means but a battle that made your heart skip more than a beat every round.

Boxer of the Year. Well I’d have to go with Sakio Bika. I don’t think anyone really expected him to even make the final of The Contender let alone win but he showed amazing heart and strength. It was a great victory for a man who just wants to do right by his family. And what a way to do it! With any luck now he can parlay that victory into a shot at a title and really show the world what he’s capable of. [providing someone shows him some defensive techniques]

Runner up: Miguel Cotto. His fight against Sugar Shane Mosley was a great bout and showed just how far he has come. I really thought that Mosley would be too big a step up for Cotto even with the age difference but we are about to see the beginning of a new era me thinks.

KO of the Year. Has to be Nonito Donaire’s one punch knockout of Vic Darchinyan. Vic has copped a lot of stick since then but hell, no one would have got up after that punch, it was perfect.

Runner Up. That hook from Mayweather that floored the previously unbeaten Ricky Hatton was beautiful to see. Not only had Hatton never been beaten he’d never been hurt like that. Who would have thought Mayweather had that in him really? Most people expected Mayweather to win sure but by points not by sheer power. That was supposed to be Ricky’s game!

Honorable mention to Kelly Pavlick’s comeback against Jermain Taylor. After looking like he was out on his feet he came back to pound Taylor into jelly. Awesome display of power.

Upset of the Year. An all Aussie affair here. Junmar Dulog’s points decision over rising star Heath Ellis in December has to be the biggest upset of 2007. The Filipino boys aren’t supposed to win, just give the Aussie boys a good work out. Dulog has been in against some tough competition though and maybe that was the difference – his experience. Great to see though, some of these boys do get ripped off in the close fights but this time things went Junmar’s way. And it won’t do young Ellis any harm to lose a bout anyway.

Runner Up would have to be late replacement Peter Cronje’s split decision victory over former Aussie Heavyweight Champ Colin Wilson on the Danny Green undercard. We’re talking 56 fights experience versus 8 and yet the South African pulled it off!

And an honorable mention to Green Vs Drews – not for the result but for the fact that Drews ran for the whole fight! Who would have predicted that?

Prospect of the Year. William Kickett is looking pretty good over there in Perth. Of course other than his last fight over Tommy Browne he probably hasn’t been seriously tested yet but he looks fast, sharp and he seems to have his shit together. He is a lad who could go places.

Runner Up Jamie Pittman has been quietly going about his work, picking up regional titles, maintaining an unbeaten record and working his way up the middleweight ladder, now rated no. 8 in the WBO. Don’t be surprised when he makes a chump out of some of the big names overseas.

Honorable mention to former Hit Them Again Fighter of the Year Ranee Ganoy who’s got Johnny Lewis and Jeff Fenech in his corner now and after knocking out former champ Robbie Peden has every chance of causing a few upsets on the world stage. Sure he’s not got the greatest record and his defence is a bit suspect but with the one punch knock out power he’s got and Johnny and Jeff behind him (not to mention Angelo Hyder) he could really cause some headaches on the world lightweight scene.


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