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Monday, February 25, 2008


On February 27th Nader “Lionheart” Hamdan takes on Anthony “The Man” Mundine for Mundine’s WBA supermiddlewieght belt. Both Sydney boys, many see this as another easy fight for Mundine but after talking to Nader Hamdan I wouldn’t be so sure. A 10 year, 45 fight veteran, Hamdan is really fired up. The Man better be on his game and not just pissing about or we could just see an upset.

Thanks for talking to us Nader, how’s the training been going?

I know this sounds weird because I’ve been boxing for ten years but I’ll be coming in in the best condition of my life. I’ve never trained so hard in my life.

You’ve been chasing Mundine for a long time, even before he became champ, so did you see something there that made you think “I can beat this guy.”

Well, him being who he is, you know, love him or hate him he’s one of the biggest athletes to come out of this country so you know, when you beat him you go from an unknown to being well known.

So do you have a plan to beat him?

Yeah, the plan is basically… well, they know and everyone knows I ain’t gonna out box him so I’ve just got to be right on him. Basically that’s the only way to beat him. I can’t beat him on points or try and outbox him. He’s quicker, a better boxer but I’m a streetfighter you know… I’m gonna put a lot of pressure on him and make it rough and ugly for him.

Well he can be beat can’t he? We tend to forget he has lost a couple of fights.

He can be beat, it’s been done before. Everyone can be beat.

You’re probably one of his toughest opponents – 45 fights and you’ve only lost to the very best. Do you think perhaps people are underestimating you?

I don’t mind being the under dog, it’s the story of my life mate.

Do you think Mundine himself has underestimated you? I mean, bringing the chicken out at the press conference, talking about Green. Maybe he’s already looking past you?

No I don’t think so. He’s a professional, I know he’s training hard. Obviously he’s got people out there looking at what I’m doing and I’ve heard that he’s in full training. He’s not taking me lightly, he’d be foolish to.

Is this your big Cinderella Man moment?

A lot of people have said that you know and that’s exactly what it is because I should have had my shot six or seven years ago but due to the politics and bullshit in the sport I didn’t get that chance. So I’ve got to thank the man for giving me the opportunity. Hopefully it’ll have the same ending too.

So do you think maybe it was supposed to happen this way that you missed those opportunities where you maybe weren’t at your fittest anyway but now you get this chance when you’re ready for it?

I think it was destiny man. I was pretty much done with my career and the only thing that kept me hanging on was a title fight. I was no. 2 in the world for 2 ½ years and I could never get the opportunity. Nothing came, nothing and now here I am, towards the end of my career and this chance has been given to me and I ain’t gonna let it go. I’m gonna take him out. I told him straight out “if I don’t knock you out, you better knock me out.” That’s my plan, I’ve got to knock this guy out. He’s been knocked out before, he might have to revisit that. It’s not like it’s a secret. In the overall scheme he’s going to come forward and I’m going to bash him. I’m not going to try and outbox him, too many tried that and they got their heads boxed in. I’ll be in there trying to take him out you know, rough him up and make it ugly. It’s the only way to beat a boxer like that.

Everyone knows I come to fight. I’m a fighter that’s what I do. It’s all about heart man, that’s why they call me lionheart.

the fight's on main event/foxtel and in pubs and clubs... i know Mundine's last couple of fights have been foregone conclusions but I wouldn't be surprised if Hamdan pulled off the biggest upset of the year here. he's got the heart and the endurance, it just remains to be seen if he has the power to maybe just rattle The Man's cage.