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Friday, May 04, 2007

Boys keep swinging

Floyd Mayweather V OScar De La Hoya... tomorrow morning finally it happens. Who will win? well, my heart would love to see De La Hoya kicks Mayweather's arse but i think it might go the other way. That said, Zab Judah showed that Mayweather ain't as good as we all think he is and just maybe De La Hoya can put the pressure on and can end his unbeaten streak. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if he did but Mayweather's speed may be the deciding factor. OScar has to get close enough to hit Floyd first... i'm looking forward to it and it's great to see a big fight actually happen, to see the best fight the best - we need more of it.
So, the hitthemagain tip? Hell, i'm gonna stick with the heart (why change now?) De La Hoya to break Mayweather down in the later rounds.


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