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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

So Danny Green took care of Murdoch within two rounds… was it that unexpected? Granted I thought the fight might have gone a little longer, after all DeLisle stretched him was it 9 rounds? I fell asleep. Anyway, Green looked good but once again, the opposition didn’t. No offense to Murdoch but he got the fight based on LOSING to someone not on his winning ways.
It’s getting harder to judge any of our better Aussie boxers because they so rarely step up. And when they finally do, they are usually found wanting. (wanting to go back home for the soft targets). And it isn’t just Green – who remembers anyone the Hussein boys have fought (other than the guys who kicked their butts) or when Mundine got himself back into title contention by beating up Lester Ellis?! Glen Kelly getting himself a title shot against Roy Jones Jr after facing what, two decent o/s opponents? Katsidis on his way to a title shot because he’s fought??? (Anyone name a ‘name’ opponent?)
And I know it ain’t just the Aussies – everyone pads their records, no one wants to lose a fight, and journeymen make their living out of this caper but still – how can you expect realistically to beat the best in the world when you constantly fight “gimmes”. (Ask Jeff Lacy)
What sort of lead up is it fighting some poor bastard from the Phillipines or Bali, some schmuck from Argentina (At least Green has fought a couple of guys reasonably rated even if they were never going to win – Mundine fought ??? oh yeah, the powder puff with one knockout to his name)
There’s obviously plenty of talent in the Aussie boxing scene – Green, Mundine, Briggs, Hussein boys, Bika, Ndou, St. Clair, Ben Rabah, Katsidis… but so often when the time comes to take the next step, to take that title shot, they just don’t seem to have that little bit of extra experience, the background of fighting back from behind, they so rarely have to dig deep at home that when they hit the big stage they don’t know what to do when it goes against them. You can almost see some of Fenech’s boys going “Hey, I hit him, why hasn’t he fallen down? Now what do I do?”
The one man who has stepped up is Vic Darchynian
. But then has he been tested yet? No one wants to face him it seems. Here is a world champion and yet you wouldn’t know it – Vic has to learn to be an obnoxious, big mouth if he wants to make the headlines. Talent alone plus a world title don’t seem to rate in the news here. Maybe he should say he’s going to play soccer in between fights or run for mayor or badmouth the Aussie cricketers or something… anything to get a press conference, a headline. Hopefully though, he won’t have to, hopefully his talent and those belts around his waist will get him the recognition here that he seems to be building overseas. And just maybe, he can get one of the big names to stand still long enough for Vic to beat them up, then maybe he’ll get the recognition he deserves int his country. Until then, I guess we just have to keep paying ridiculous prices to see Green and Mundine take on guys who don’t have a chance while they spruke about being the best. (Well, Green doesn’t quite do that, but boofhead most certainly does. To be the best you have to beat the best or something like that… well, then bloody do it Anthony do it. As far as I remember Kessel beat you not the other way around.)
So much talent in this country and yet so few titles… please prove me wrong boys I’d be so happy to apologise.


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