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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I could have been a contender

Calloway to appear on ESPN Wednesday Night Fights

WBF heavyweight champion Rob Calloway who featured in the hitthemagain fight of the year against Big Bob Mirovic is taking a step up on the 26th April when he takes on Jameel “Big Time” McCline. Jameel may not necessarily be big time any more (I don’t see his name in any of the top 10 rankings) but this is still a big fight for Rob. To be honest I can’t see Calloway ever being a top 10 fighter but saying that, who the hell is Sergie Liakhovich?! He just knocked off Lamon Brewster who I had big wraps on and who i thought was going to be a big name in the heavyweights and now he's been beat by some guy who's name I can’t even see in the March 2006 WBO top 10. The door is open right now, maybe Rob can take the next step, maybe he will take out one of the bigger trinkets. If he ever had a chance now is probably that chance. April 26 will tell us if he’s got what it takes. Good luck to him he certainly can’t be any worse than Toney, Ruiz or Valuev. And having seen Rob fight I gotta say he's a lot more entertaining.

Interesting to see on the undercard that the undefeated Allan Green is taking on Contender fighter and no.1 dad Anthony Bonsante. Can’t see how this will help Bonsante’s career but I guess any tv time helps, even a possible flogging from the rising star that Green is. (Or maybe Bonsante sees something there that we’ve missed?)
The Contender is still showing here in the land of Oz. And I’m enjoying it, even though I already know the overall winner. Of course there are some stupid things, like the challenges and the editing of the fights and those stupid sound effects and of course Sylvester Stallone but hey, how often do you get to see boxers out of the ring unless they’re in court ala Tyson. The best thing about this show is that human side of the fighters, the fact that they are all manipulating each other, that they have families, dreams, goals. It’s great just to watch these people as people not just pugilists. I hope when the second series kicks off we here in Australia actually get it the same year it comes out! At least then there will be some mystery to it. I should mention too that it was very hard to watch it early on knowing that Najai Turpin had already taken his own life. Watching the episode where he lost the fight you really wouldn’t have expected such an outcome. I mean the guy started playing hide and seek with his kid, he seemed to have realised that yeah, he lost a fight but he still had so much personally anyway. Being an old softy I went and hugged my own daughter a little harder that night. Remember don’t let the demons get you. End of sermon.


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