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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pound For Pound My Ass!

Well, Mayweather and Judah finally got it on and the results were as to be expected, especially when you consider that Judah lost his Undisputed welterweight Championship title not that long ago to the unheralded Carlos Baldomir. Of course, the trinket holders didn’t worry about that and this fight was still for the IBF belt because Baldomir apparently couldn’t afford the sanctioning fees for all the belts in his fight so despite Judah’s loss he gets to still be champion?! Work that one out. Let Mayweather wave his fourth belt about- it really don’t mean shit these days, it ain’t like he’s another Henry Armstrong or anything after all.
Anyways we’ll just ignore the bullshit belt and concentrate on the fight itself.

I don’t think anyone was surprised by the result, after all the writing was on the wall from about round 5 on that Zab had already run his race. I was surprised though at one judge giving it 119-109. Was he watching the same fight that we were? How could he give Zab just one round? I mean Mayweather gave away the last two after the low blow in the tenth (we’ll get to that round later) and Zab had at least three of the first four. Here in the RRRRRumble househole we had it damn close 115/114 although to be fair it was probably 116/113. I thought the first round was even. Zab had the next three with his jab controlling the pace and that slip? in round two was very dubious. Mayweather got tagged simple as that. From, the fifth round on though, Mayweather started to take control and Judah seemed content to just try and steal the rounds with last minute bursts of activity. He looked good when he did try but he just wasn’t trying enough. At times Mayweather wasn’t necessarily looking great, Judah was just looking worse, especially around the seventh and eighth rounds. Of course it all went silly in the tenth when Zab did a Ricky Hatton and threw a low blow that could have almost taken Floyd Jr.s kneecaps out too. Roger Mayweather certainly didn’t make hisself look good by charging in to protest but its interesting that it was Judah’s side that threw the first punch and that Zab had to get in on the act too, wacking one of the cornermen with a cheapshot behind play. It will be interesting to see who gets what bans, fines and slaps on the wrist. Zab has already shown that he’s just a spoilt brat in the past with his attack on Jay Nady when Kostya caned his pimp ass and most recently his bad sportsmanship against Baldomir let alone trying to blame Don King for the loss in that fight. (probably the first time Don King wasn’t to blame!)The fight was already over really, the last two rounds were Zab’s because Floyd was nursing sore balls and taking it easy. In the end all we got was proof that Zab Judah is the spoilt brat we all thought he was and that Mayweather ain’t half as good as he thinks he is. P4P? Not yet. At least he stepped up and fought someone in the top 10 but come on, he got tagged, he got found out by Zab’s jab, if he was fighting someone who wasn’t such a half arsed sook he’d be in trouble. He’s certainly up there with the best fighters but until he fights a few more of them he certainly ain’t the best.


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