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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the land of the blind...

Anthony Mundine has announced his next bout - an optional title defence on December 10 against Jose Alberto Clavero. His eye is still giving him trouble and he doesn’t have full vision but then again he’s fighting a guy that Sam Soliman ko’d in 2004, who’s won 2 fights out of his last seven, his last fight being a draw the two before that losses (including one against paul briggs where he was disqualified because he didn’t want to fight anymore!) – Mundine only needs one eye!

That’s what pisses me most about “The Man”. For all his bragging and showboating, he doesn’t give the fans any respect at all. Another poor Argentinian schmuck who realistically won’t give him too much trouble and he expects us to pay to see him do it. If he is the best take on the best (or at least some one in a top 10 somewhere). He proved in his fight with Green that he is good, damn good but apart from taking on a blown up light middle/middleweight in Soliman he’s done nothing since. He should remember what happened to Taylor. Taking on guys who were smaller than him, not beating them convincingly at all, in fact getting gift decisions and then when a banger comes along that weighs the same as him – pow, he’s no longer champ. The Man wants to be careful the same doesn’t happen to him. And it would be nice if he gave the fans and the sport a bit more respect and a bit more credibility… prove how good you are and we will believe you but taking on guys like Clavero aren’t helping you or the sport.


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