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Friday, January 06, 2006

Best of 2005

So another year has gone. Shit, that was fast… or so it seems as you get older! (I know, I know the kids don’t want to hear us old farts talk about time flying by.)
Well, I guess I should follow the tradition and do the best of 2005 type thing. And it was a good year for the fight game despite the usual farces (Ruiz, Rahman, etc etc) and the odd dodgy fight. (Just how did Mayorga get a title shot?) But look at the fights we did get. Coralles/Castillo I (& II) – Arce/Hussein I – Tszyu/Hatton (actually a pretty damn good fight despite the ending) Wright/Trinidad (OK not so good for Trinidad but a superb showcase for Winky’s skills). My pick for the fight of the year though goes to Big Bob Mirovic Vs Rob Calloway for something called the WBF Heavyweight Championship of the World back in June of 2005. Sure, you can’t get much lower on the totem pole (actually you can – IBO anyone?) but this was twelve rounds of non stop boxing from two middle of the field heavyweights; both who suffered broken bones – Calloway broke his cheekbone and fractured an eye socket/ Mirovic fought most of the fight with a broken jaw – despite the injuries though they both went at it for the full twelve rounds. When was the last time you saw two heavweights actually fight for the whole damn fight? No clinches, no leaning on each other, none of that shit just punches being thrown and thrown again. It was a damn fine fight and I bet most of the boxing community outside of Oz didn’t even see it. The good news is Mirovic and Calloway have said they’re willing to do it again in February. It’ll be interesting to see if the rematch can live up to the first fight, they so rarely do these days (Arce/Hussein II anyone?) but with Big Bob in there you can be sure he’ll give his all.
And continuing in the vein… my fighter of the year for 2005 is one Ranee Ganoy. Ganoy, from the Philippines is currently fighting out of Australia and had five fights for 2005, winning four. Fighting from lightweight to welterweight his only loss this past year was to Michael Katsidis and he’s not alone there since Katsidis had already iced 15 other opponents in his 17/0 record. Ranee ain’t no world beater by a long shot but what I like about him is his willingness to have a blue. His record of 18/10/2 (15ko’s) isn’t the greatest sure but he tends to win by KO or lose by KO and some of his losses have been to the likes of Katsidis, Ben Rabah and Bobby Pacquiao. The reason I picked Ganoy as my fighter of the year is that willingness to have a go. Here in Australia, we tend to get a lot of fighters from the Philippines, Thailand and Asia purely for cannon fodder to make the local boys records look good. Hell, Fenech has made his fighters world rated contenders doing just that. The first time I saw Ganoy fight though he iced Alan Luxford (now Oz lightweight champ) and he’s repeated that dose, most recently with welterweight Matthew Paulley knocking him over in the fourth. Ranee has got himself rated no. 2 now in the Australian lightweight division and with his win over Paulley he may even get himself rated in the welters. Personally, I’d like to see him get a shot at a title in 2006. He’ll never be a world beater but boy is he exciting to watch. And with the power he’s got in those fists he’s never out of it.
PS: my runner up would have to be Jackson Asiku, formerly of Uganda now based here in South Australia. In November, Jackson KO’d Britain’s Marc Callaghan to become the new Commonwealth featherweight champion. In the seventies this would have been major news in this country but now it seems to have slipped through the sports news net. Asiku is good, damn good. Expect to see more of him, all he needs is the backing and a lucky break and he will be a world top ten fighter. Mark my words.


At 7:52 pm, Blogger Jason said...

I agree with you on fight of the year but can you believe that the WBF wouldn't recognize that as well.


By the way Calloway didn't have any broken bones, it was only swelling to his right eye which led to swelling to the cheek as well.

At 6:13 pm, Blogger kami said...

Yeah, a strange crowd the WBF - if that wasn't their best fight i hope they send me the tape of the winner! it would have to be a beauty. Thanks for putting me straight on the injury - i was using local reports for the injury details.


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