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Monday, February 27, 2006

April Fools

So Mayweather and Judah are still gonna fight. That's fine, i don't have a problem with them still getting it on. However, calling it a title fight is surely pushing the envelope a bit. Just because Baldomir didn't put sanctioning fees up to the other parasites Zab can still claim to be champion? Gimme a break. He was the undisputed champ, he got beat - end of story. How Mayweather and he can keep beating off about the ibf championship being on the line and keep a straight face at the same time is beyond me. Instead of fighting April 8 maybe they should have it on April 1. Hey, it might even be a good fight - although Zab Judah would have to be one of the most overrated fighters on the planet - but it ain't a title fight. Mayweather wants to be the best - start fighting the best then. Too much jawing, not enough actual action. Sure he beat Gatti - and? Who didn't think he would. He's fast, he's powerful but he's also full of shit. Admit you just wanna pound on Zab and make a few bucks - that i can respect. This title fight hoohah - forget it. And will someone get Don King outta the fucking picture?!


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