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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hopkins V Taylor

Well, in only a couple of hours Bernard Hopkins faces young lion Jermain Taylor in yet his millionth defence of the middleweight crown. Whent he fight was first announced i ddin't even pay that much attention - it was a money spinner after all, Taylor is far too young and inexperienced to be facing the greatest p4p fighter on the planet right now - but then Kostya lost and i realised once again that nothing is certain in boxing. I still think Bernard will win but i wouldn't be surprised if Taylor managed to upset him. But hell, Hopkins is a professional, he takes nothing for granted and he is still despite his age, in his prime. I don't believe Taylor is quite ready to step up but who else is there anyway? (Interesting to note that only a couple of years ago Kostya said that Hatton wasn't ready and to wait a year or two - he must hate it when he's right!) Hopkins won't blow Taylor out of the water - he's too cautious for that - but he will give the kid a boxing lesson. Some of the fans will probably be bored but i'm bettting the afficionados amongst us will see a display of pure boxing skill. (And i hope i'm right this time because lately i just can't pick a winner - i'm even having trouble picking my nose)


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