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A boxing tragic's look at the world of boxing. No hidden agendas, no cash for comment, just my opinion, for what it's worth, of the greatest sport there is. Oh yeah, and i can't fight for shit!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

let's get ready to rumble

First of all let’s make one thing clear – this is a fan’s eye view of boxing. I have no hidden agenda, I’m on no one’s payroll, hell, I can’t even box! But I am a fanatic, I love the damn sport and have for a long time. I watch it, I read it, I study it and I’m opinionated about it. You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t expect you to but I’m going to voice my views and most of the time I’ll be right! (Maybe I will have to learn some self defence skills)
Hit Them Again is purely fan-based, self-opinionated and a chance to let of some steam. I love the sport of boxing and I don’t like to see the bullshit that goes on both within the sport and against it. Bad decisions, lousy matchmaking and Don King make it a hard sport to love sometimes but I still sit there watching card after card, ppv after ppv, because for every Fenech/Nelson ripoff there’s a Hopkins/Trinidad or a Barrera/Morales. There’s a lot more good fights than bad it’s just that we always remember the bad. Yes Danny Green was completely ripped off the first time he fought Beyer but he was outboxed and outsmarted the second time. (Sorry Danny, it was just the first example that came to mind.) Who’s going to really remember the second fight though in years to come? The first will go into boxing’s (potted) history, the second is destined to be just another statistic. At least until/if Danny gets another shot at him. Sorry, the point I was trying to make was that there is plenty of good stuff happening, there are plenty of damn good fights out there and we shouldn’t just dwell on the bad decisions or the hometown judges or the bad match ups. Of course, I’m probably just as guilty as anyone else for doing just that but I’m trying to change my ways, honest. So, let’s get rrrrrrrready to rumble and see what happens.


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