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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wright On!

Once again Winky Wright surprised everyone, except maybe himself, with an amazingly one-sided blow out against Felix Trinidad. In hindsight of course it’s easy to say that Trinidad isn’t as good as the pundits thought he was and that Mayorga was a handpicked opponent who suited his style (in fact some did say that Mayorga was just that) but who seriously thought that Winky would have it so easy? I wish I could say I did but truthfully I didn’t. Sure I thought Winky would win a close one because he could stay out of the way for most of the fight whilst counterpunching and picking Trinidad off somewhat but I didn’t expect it to be so easy for him. And neither did any of the major boxing journals. Sure some folk picked Wright to win, but no one picked it to be a walk over, hell, Boxing Digest didn’t even give Winky a chance! When the big middleweight battle was first touted way back then I can truthfully say that I picked Hopkins from the word go, I knew he was better than Trinidad. Winky though, I wasn’t as confident about. I was wrong. And maybe, just maybe we’ve all been wrong about Trinidad. Could be he ain’t as good as we all think he is.


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