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Saturday, June 04, 2005

3 Strikes for Golota - you're out?

Well, I wanted someone to step up and make the heavyweight division exciting and I got my wish. Who would have picked Lamon Brewster to demolish (3 strikes) Golota in less than a minute of the first round? Nobody and anyone who says they did are lying through their gums. Was it the new trainer? Was it knowing how lucky he was against Kali Meehan last time out? Or was it just knowing that Golota never should have been there in the first place? I mean who else can lose two shots at the title and still get a third? I’m sure ‘lectric hair wasn’t expecting the fight to go this way but then since he owns both he was covered anyway. You get the feeling though that Brewster just screwed up some of King’s plans. How else did 3 strikes get those shots… cos King wanted him to win, he wanted the polish crowd, the underdog vote. Well, instead he got Brewster and just maybe the division is alive again. Rahman (if he’s fit), Brewster, Klischko (if he survives his surgery) hell, even Lights Out… maybe, just maybe we could be about to see some decent fights. Time, and old ‘lectric hair will tell.

Well, Paul Briggs finally got his shot at the WBC Lightheavyweight title but unfortunately for him, the unheralded Tomas Adamek was a better fighter than he or any of the boxing pundits expected. Adamek’s long reach and strong jab kept Briggs away for most of the fight, preventing him from really getting those power punches in that could have made the difference. Paul’s counterpunching role just didn’t work and his lack of consistency certainly went against him. He rarely strung rounds together (possibly the 8th & 9th but that would be it) and didn’t follow up when he was doing damage. Still, it wasn’t a bad fight from Briggs and he wasn’t too far off the mark. We had him 113-115 in the hitthemagain househole and you could see the swelling around Adamek’s right eye that showed Paul was on the mark more often than not. Now I guess it comes down to his self-belief and whether he can get himself another shot. In that regard he may have been better off looking like a bunny, a strong though losing performance may well have put off some of his would-be opponents, time will tell.


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